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Are DIY Replacement Teeth Safe to Use?

May 12, 2023

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A person with a missing tooth holding a dental prosthesis

If you’re missing teeth, you know it’s a harsh situation. A broken smile will always lower your quality of life. Still, you may think there’s a do-it-yourself solution for your issue. After all, many today talk about making their own tooth substitutes. In truth, though, DIY replacement teeth aren’t safe for your mouth. It’s always better to see a qualified dentist for restoration work. To learn more, here’s a summary of the matter from your Wakefield dental practice.

What are DIY Tooth Replacements?

In recent years, certain figures have tried solving their tooth loss on their own. These “solutions” are called DIY tooth replacements.

DIY tooth replacements act as self-made substitutes for missing teeth. They get praise for being cheaper than typical prosthetics. Some also enjoy their accessibility –  these products are available online and in drugstores. Given such features, the items tend to get advertised on social media and other Internet forums.

Examples of DIY tooth replacements include:

  • Melted Polymers – A DIY option in the form of beads that must be dissolved. Once that’s done, the now-soft material is molded to look like a tooth.
  • Moldable Wax or Paste – Some waxes and pastes can be shaped without melting.
  • Orthodontic Wax – Orthodontic wax is sometimes used to cover a lost tooth’s socket.

DIY “Teeth” Aren’t Safe

Unfortunately for their advocates, DIY tooth replacements just aren’t safe. Most end up causing more problems than they solve.

For one thing, these products can use unsafe ingredients. The FDA doesn’t even approve some of them. As such, putting them in your mouth risks toxic side effects.

Furthermore, the DIY methods don’t stop tooth loss’s health effects. Polymers and waxes won’t keep your jaw from losing bone tissue. They also aren’t sturdy enough to keep other teeth from tilting.

Why See a Dentist for Tooth Replacement?

Quite frankly, you should see a dentist for restorative work. Their prosthetic teeth – particularly dental implants – are safe and effective.

You see, dental implants use vetted materials. Their titanium bases, for example, are biocompatible and non-toxic. Similarly, their porcelain surfaces won’t harm your mouth either.

Besides, implants act more like real teeth than DIY options. They’re placed directly in your jawbone and fuse with it over time. As a result, they’re permanent, restore your bite force, and look beautiful.

Ultimately, DIY replacement teeth aren’t safe. Trust your local dentist instead for reliable restoration treatment.

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