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Visit a Prosthodontist for Routine Dental Appointments in Wakefield

April 14, 2017

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Visit a prosthodontist over a general dentist in Lynnfield to get the care that you deserve. More and more patients are turning to prosthodontists for their dental needs. But why? Many people don’t know the difference between a prosthodontist and any other general dentist in Wakefield. What are the defining differences? Is the level of dentistry really that different? It’s time to put these myths to rest so that you can make the best-informed decision when it comes to you and your family’s dental care. This post is here to help you decide if prosthodontic care is right for you.

Myth #1: Dentists and prosthodontists do the same work so they’re interchangeable.

The truth is that general dentists do have to undergo extensive studies. Dentists are required to earn a four-year dental degree at an accredited educational institute, but as soon as they accomplish that they can start working on patients.

In contrast, a prosthodontist like Dr. Rob Schumacher is recognized through the American Dental Association (ADA) because they have trained for an additional three years, truly specializing in their craft.

Myth #2: Dentists can create crowns, veneers, implants, and other prosthetics just like prosthodontists.

It’s true that dentists are licensed to do the above procedures, but with only four years of training in dental school, your results may vary compared to if you see a professional prosthodontist. Dental school hardly scratches the surface of these life-changing dental procedures.

On the other hand, prosthodontists have completed a multitude of complex dental treatments before they receive their certificate. During their three additional years of training, the curriculum is focused specifically on these complex procedures.

Myth #3: Technology has changed dentistry, making it routine. Shop by price, not skill.

We can’t stress this enough: dentistry is still very much a specialized skill despite the many advances technology has made. Hand skills are often an overlooked component of skilled dentistry. Serious dental procedures like implants and extractions require years of training and experience. Dental restorations are started with the vision of your prosthodontist—truly a mixture of science and art.

Myth #5: The only people that can afford to see a prosthodontist make six figures.

Patients may be surprised to find out that prosthodontic fees are only slightly higher than general dentists. Considering the additional training and excellent dental care you will receive from a prosthodontist, most people would agree that the fees are a bargain in the long run. Not to mention, Schumacher Dental accepts many insurances and is open to discussing your budget, goals, and the options we have for you.

Visit Your Prosthodontist Today!

Prosthodontists can give you better, more informed dental care. Dr. Schumacher had to undergo three extra years of extensive training after completing dental school to earn that title. When it comes to preventive care to avoid tooth loss—or even if you need to reconstruct your whole smile—there’s not another dentist around that can compare! You can confidently trust Schumacher Dental with your oral health. Schedule your appointment today to discuss how our dental office can help you.

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