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5 Facts About Same-Day Dental Crowns

April 4, 2024

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person with nice smile thanks to same-day dental crowns

Dental crowns are caps that are shaped like teeth and cover the visible part of a damaged tooth, shielding it from further damage and improving your smile’s health and function. While traditional dental crowns may require multiple visits to your dentist’s office, some dentists offer same-day options that save time and allow you to achieve a healthy smile sooner. Keep reading to discover five things you may not know about these quick-fix restorations that you should learn before you get them.

Fact #1: Results in Just Two Hours

Traditional crowns typically require two or three visits to finish the process. This involves shaping the teeth, receiving a temporary crown, and finally getting the permanent restoration. In contrast, same-day dental crowns are designed, made, and placed in just two hours. This convenience means they fit better into your schedule and get you your healthy smile faster.

Fact #2: There’s No Need to Sacrifice Quality

Given the faster process of obtaining same-day crowns compared to traditional ones, you might question if there’s a compromise involved. Fortunately, they’re crafted from the same material as regular crowns, ensuring you don’t sacrifice quality or durability for convenience. While they’re sturdy enough to withstand everyday use, it’s essential to maintain proper care of your restored smile to avoid any avoidable damage.

Fact #3: A Natural, Healthy Look

Similar to traditional crowns, same-day restorations are crafted to mimic the appearance of your natural teeth. Made from dental-grade porcelain, they reflect light similarly to your original smile, enabling them to seamlessly integrate with your untreated teeth. Interestingly, some individuals even find that same-day dental crowns can appear more realistic than traditional ones in certain cases!

Fact #4: No Messy, Gross Putty

If you’ve experienced dental impressions in the past, you’re likely familiar with the unpleasant taste and messy nature of the putty used on your teeth. However, with same-day crowns employing CEREC technology, digital scanning and imaging of your teeth create a 3D model, eliminating the need for the putty method.

Fact #5. The Best Fit for the Best Smile

Utilizing 3D digital models ensures that same-day dental crowns seamlessly and comfortably integrate into your smile. Dentists can efficiently make adjustments using cutting-edge technology, ensuring the new crown interacts harmoniously with surrounding teeth, promoting a comfortable fit within your smile.

Forget about clearing your schedule for days just to fix your teeth with same-day dental crowns. Soon enough, you’ll be flashing a complete smile again!

About the Practice

Dr. Rob Schumacher and his dedicated team at Schumacher Dental take pride in serving patients in Wakefield and neighboring communities, ensuring their smiles shine brightly. They provide top-notch care, aiming to make you feel at ease and confident about your treatments. Their expert Gorham oral health professionals offer same-day dental crowns, allowing you to restore your smile in just one visit. Within about two hours, you’ll be sporting a beautiful grin you’ll adore! To schedule an appointment with Morgan-Hill Dental Care or to learn more about dental crowns, contact Schumacher Dental’s office at (781) 463-5162 or visit their website.

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